Todmorden Faith

A safe, inclusive place, where discussions reflect mutual respect and lead to practical action – where we seek not to convert but to engage.

Methodist Deacon Bob Stoner, who is a Pioneer within the Methodist church is the inspiration for Todmodern Faith. He works with a number of other faith and spiritual (including those that might be classed as pagan, or new-age) leaders, to facilitate a vibrant discussion group focussed on topics that mean something to people. He does this in his town of Todmorden. Alongside the discussion group, he also offers Bible Study groups, to introduce people to the Christian faith.

Their website describes their values as:-

‘We strive to be a safe, inclusive place, where discussions reflect mutual respect & lead to practical action.
– We look to encourage dialogue on a diverse array of topics, allowing discussion from all faiths & no faith perspectives; however, we are openly state that we originate from a Christian context. 
– We encourage discussion on matters of faith from all walks of life, from all those in Todmorden and beyond.
– We offer a number of fortnightly study groups on the Bible; nevertheless, here we seek to engage with the material, considering context, rather than seek to convert. 
Our own faith sustains us individually.
– We look to work with other groups to promote Interfaith especially in #Todmorden, where we are looking to offer #Interfaith Chaplaincy; and we also seek to promote radical inclusion, hence our support of #LGBTQ+  ‘

Whether you are cis-, trans or agender, gay, lesbian, bi or straights, you are valued. We want to be a community that is centred upon ‘what does faith look like, here in Todmorden, now?’. We’ll be open to discuss topical issues with ‘RealTalk’, find ways to help each other and be creative to support local projects.

Todmorden faith meets at the Kava cafe on the first Sunday of the month between 4-5pm.