Meet The Potting Shed Team

Andy & Liane – The Potting Shed Team

Rev Andy Lindley and Liane Kensett are both Pioneers in their own rights, within their local contexts. Andy is a minister in York, with several churches, and a variety of partnerships and projects that operate from them. Liane is a woman of many talents, and roles. She is a Mental Health Chaplain in York, leads a project called ORTS, which draws together vulnerable women in Hull through craft and sewing, as well as working at Selby Street Mission. For information, see their individual profiles

Together, we are the core of the Potting Shed, which is part of the ‘Pioneer Nursery’. We are drawing on a horticultural motif, just as Jesus did, to describe our goal, to provide a safe place, which is nurturing and encouraging for those who sense of call to some form of Pioneering Ministry. We know from our own experience, this sort of ministry can often leave you somewhat out on a limb, isolated, and misunderstood. We firmly believe, that God is calling the church to grow in this way, and so we wish to draw people together, who have a like-mind, who can support one another, share inspiration, pray for one another, and ultimately, potentially work together to plant something that they could not do alone.