Nomad Gatherings

A discussion group, curated by Andy Lindley and Liane Kensett for those who are spiritually seeking, and exploring and value the opportunity to chew ideas over with others. This group is open to anyone who is interested and draws on a Nomad Podcast each month, as inspiration for conversation and reflection. We meet once a month: once digitally, using Zoom video conferencing, and once physically at Aroma Coffee shop in Haxby, near York.

This month, we invite you to listen to Steve Chalke’s interview on Nomad, and come ready to share!

To join us, you’ll need a Zoom account, a computer with webcam, or mobile phone ( . The link for each meeting can be found on our events pages, but the April 5th 2020 one is below, when we’ll be discussing Nomad’s interview with Steve Chalke.