The District Team was formed in April 2019, with the aim to identify, nurture and enable peer support for those with a Pioneer Ministry within the Yorkshire and North East Methodist District. We aren’t necessarily seeking those whose calling is fully formed, or even tested, but by bringing people of like-mind together, we hope to assist them in exploring their call, and find opportunities to develop their gifting.

The team consists of Rev Andy Lindley and Liane Kensett, and you can find out more about us, in the ‘Meet the Team’ posts.

We don’t see ourselves as experts, whose aim is to impart wisdom to others, but fellow pilgrims on the Pioneering Path. To that end, we are also part of the broader network known as Pioneer Pathways, within the Methodist church.

We’ve adopted the metaphor, of the plant nursery, for our project, as we see ourselves providing a warm, safe environment, with the right elements available for small germs of ideas, to grow safely from vulnerable seedlings into strong, capable ministries and projects. That may be about helping an idea develop into a pilot, on into a well resourced project, or an individual with the germ of a call, into someone with a clear conviction on how that ministry might be developed and shaped.

The Potting Shed and Pioneer Nursery are now part of a wider Pioneering and New Places for New People project we call the Kairos Movement.  See more at