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Propagator Groups

We presently have Propagator groups running in York, and in Hull, although during the COVID shutdown we have been able to make these more widely accessible, as we’ve met using ZOOM video-conferencing, and will likely continue to offer this in the future.

The groups are relatively small, comprising around a dozen max individuals, who meet to encourage one another, listen to keynotes, review resources, share ideas, and support one another pastorally.   If you’d like to either join a group, or start a new one locally to you, just contact Andy or Liane.

Pioneer Gathering Days

Three times a year we aim to offer an opportunity for people from across the District to gather, get to know one another, and to listen to some keynote speakers.  We make a day of this, and offer a free lunch.  We might meet somewhere with an exciting project, as visiting a place helps us to understand mission in context.  If you wish to know more, sign up to the Newsletter through the mailchimp subscription page.

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Upcoming Gatherings